Our Intensive Program Can Transform You
into the Ultimate Desired Male

(WARNING: this isn’t for everyone)

Note: By submitting this application, you are hereby applying to receive live training from Mehow and his professionally-trained associates. Please keep in mind that the live training program receives many applicants but we will get back to you as soon as possible with the results of your eligibility and enstatement. Thank you!

Dear Dating Enthusiast,

What if there was a way you could become completely irresistible to ANY WOMAN, at ANY TIME in ANY PLACE? What if you never had to experience the chilling rejection from a woman again?

I won’t try to pitch you on applying for this unique, once in a lifetime opportunity (that I am about to share with you).

Instead, I will simply tell you who this program IS for and who it is definitely NOT for.

And then you can simply MAKE THE CHOICE whether it's for you.

For a while now people have been asking me for the complete “ultimate fix” – not just a bootcamp or product – But an ultimate experience that will guarantee you gain the skills to be able to get the women you want. This is an experience so powerful that it will completely transform you into the ultimate “desired male” that every female on the planet desiers and lusts after.

Let me ask you this…

If you saw your dream girl, the PERFECT 10 right now, would you know how to act or say to keep her interested and engaged?

If you don’t have the answer for each of the above questions… you need to keep reading.

You will get the results you want with hot women regardless of age, income, looks…

You will learn what I call the “The 7 Pillars of Success”

  • Verbal Mastery
  • Body Language / Kino Mastery
  • "Well-Kept" Mastery
  • Lifestyle Mastery
  • Social Circle Mastery
  • Strategy / Tactics Mastery

PROVEN Success

Everyone that’s learned the “7 Pillars of Success” from me, for the over 6 years I've been teaching it, has ended up in successful lasting relationship with women that they are extremely happy with.

But, the problem is most guys want to shortcut what normally takes at least a few months, if not longer…

What they want is…

Results in 1 Week!

With this program, students have achieved such profound, transformative results in that short period of time.

This is only because they have taken private coaching from myself and my hand-picked coaching staff.

At $3500 per day, plus travel and hotel costs, not everybody can afford that level of one-on-one private training.

So, for the last month I’ve been racking my brain as to how we can affordably get you these drastic results in just 1 week.

And then it came to me…

This isn’t a “works for everybody” type of project…

Here Is Who This Project IS For…

  • Guys who want results as fast as humanly possible.
  • Guys who are looking to learn how to get this handled or trying to learn the skills to create the dating life they want!
  • Guys who have their life “generally together” and ready to stop ‘settling’.
  • Guys who are committed to just getting everything sorted, period.
  • Guys who want to learn the ultimate skill set while vacationing without any of the stress of normal day-to-day life or trying to cram everything into one weekend.
  • Guys who want all-around success in all aspects of their life, not just with women.
  • Guys who have NO hang-ups about learning the “ethical hacking” shortcuts to getting loads of sex with women that you only dream of being with.
  • Guys who are able to take constructive criticism, take it and grow from it

There Is A Giant Problem!

It’s no secret that men that are successful in most aspects in their life know “the shortcuts”. You’ve seen them before… They are the ones always dialed in…the go-getters.

I just want to make sure that you’re prepared to learn them in only 1 week… so you can be that successful man that knows “the shortcuts”!

That said, most pickup artists take a really long time to get the success they deserve.

The reason: In live pickup we don’t to any real personality screening.

We’re, historically, just really good at getting laid over and over but, even great pickup artists typically take months and years to get to that point.

Why, you ask? That’s only because we didn’t have access to the best training and techniques when we started. We didn’t get the feedback we needed. We had to piece it together from random snippets women shared with us.

Luckily, YOU won’t have to worry about this!

There Is A Giant Solution!

Imagine walking into a room full of sexy women, all perfect10s, and having your pick of any one you wanted. Imagine women completely captivated by YOU. With 7 DAYS of LIVE TRAINING you will experience fully immersive, 100% no-excuses success and hot women, during the day, night, online and at parties. Every day we get you to face up to women, smoking hot women that you’ll be sleeping with before you know it.

That’s right, one week of comprehensive coaching to get the hottest girls on the planet!

But that’s not all… At the end of the week…

We Invite You To A Small Party Where EVERY GIRL In The ROOM Is YOUR PERFECT 10.

This is NOT A JOKE!

This is 100%, completely, for REAL!

For the first time in the history of pickup we have figured out the perfect blend of passive dating and pickup. We revolutionized the game and now share the secrets with you…

We teach you how to set up your own social circle so the girls will come to you when you want them to, after you have the skill set there’s no more need to go out and keep hitting the club scene – unless you want to, that is. Women and more women – on YOUR terms.

That’s right, we turn you into a pickup ninja and then have beautiful women OPEN YOU and HIT ON YOU!


So you can take this incredible technology home and make this your own reality every month.

Sound amazing?? … it is. We feature this exact process as the central theme (but don’t worry were not giving away how were doing it … just the amazing drama from the guys getting THE ONE in 4 DAYS).

“You Get TV Supermodel Results!”
(But You Won’t Be on Tape)

Due to the amount of work involved in this program, there are only 6 ’no-tape’ spots available now for all of 2013!

And before you ask how much it costs … get this.

You can be one of the 6 and you don’t need to be rich to do it.

We have a new hookup that lets us get you this program for an incredibly affordable price.

Moving on…

This Project Is NOT for…

  • Guys who have a hard time taking advice or are “on the fence” about whether pickup techniques really work (1 week won’t cut it if I have to sell you on our methods, so I’m not selling anything)
  • Guys who are looking to use our methods to deceive, be dishonest or use women.
  • Guys who have a “mental block” against approaching. Everybody has some AA but if you’re always making excuses as to why you won’t talk to a girl then this isn’t for you. If you have no “mental block” then we can show you how to get results without approaching.
  • Guys who are hung up about pulling the trigger. Where we’re going there will be lots of sex and an endless supply of gorgeous women. I don’t want you to get there and then stop or get scared (If a girl wants you, who are you to deny her the pleasure :)
  • Guys who want to “get results” by “tons of approaches” or moving slowly…

“Yes, when you’re with us… for 1 week… we can teach you everything… in a laid back comfortable, stress-free atmosphere.”

Our Residential program allows for the most in-depth coaching to take place in a laid-back setting.

Rather than me spending a ton of one-on-one time with people every day… we’re making this work by:

Moving You Into Our Mansion in Los Angeles. You don’t even have to worry about food – our private chef will cook for you.

This Is Where You Will Be Living the Life Everyday (I know it sounds all expensive and glamorous… but you can replicate it in your city on any budget - like I said “we use massive shortcuts”)

Your first day in the house, we will take you for a full fashion make-over, consultation, and complete transformation… along with giving you tips and tricks that you can take with you once you leave the house. Our in-house hair stylist will give you a brand new hair style and teach you how to maintain your new amazing look. You will start off your stay with confidence!

Chief Instructor “DaveC”, Residential Coach “Daniel” and Myself Will Teach You EVERYTHING – “All 7 Pillars” – Online, Daygame, Nightgame, D2s, Phone/Text Game – ALL OF IT… you will be breathing and living pickup.

You will spend 7 days getting coached/day gaming and 7 nights infield with Daniel… and when you’re not chilling by the pool or going on dates… you’ll get to spend as much personal time as you want on 2 of those nights with BOTH myself and Dave.

We will teach you how to convey who you are in a way that women really “get”. This means you’ll learn how to get the Girl realizing you’re it.

You’ll learn how to set yourself apart from all the guys that are in her life and want her now (and how to make it so you won’t need to worry about them later).

Third night out infield we will follow you with a hidden video camera and film your every interaction, then the next day we will sit down with you and review the footage. (This footage will NOT be broadcast, or used, in any way, it’s just for your own learning).

(We will break it down with you… telling you everything that you did incorrectly, and how you can fix it.)

Plus, you will have your own personal driver that will drive you to and from where you need to be.

Plus, will have all of our products waiting for you in your room for free when you arrive (or choose to get a head-start and have us ship them to you beforehand … also, you get to pick 5 out of our 30 Infield Insiders)

You ALSO GET 6 hours of phone coaching usable before or after the residential. That way you can prepare early, and also have ongoing one-on-one personal support!

Living with us makes all of this possible!

All of this, and more, is made possible if you live with us for just 1 WEEK.

You will have our entire:

“Residential™ - LIVE”

Downloaded Into Your Brain and completely at your disposal to use on any woman, ANYWHERE…

So once you get it, you’ll keep as many women as you want happy and around for as long as you want!!

“Because DAY 6 Is Your Dream Girl Party … That’s When Its Just You And Real Eligible Dream Girls Hanging Out With Mehow And You!”

And NO We’re Not Revealing To Anybody How We’re Doing It.

Now, Make a MOVE

Fill out the application below. Head Coach DaveC and Myself will call you personally and get a solid grasp of your needs and expectations to see if this is a good fit for you. If it is, we’ll get you on the fast track to making you a superstar – a superstar that women crave.

Fill Out The Application Below

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Note: By submitting this application, you are hereby applying to receive live training from Mehow and his professionally-trained associates. Please keep in mind that the live training program receives many applicants but we will get back to you as soon as possible with the results of your eligibility and enstatement. Thank you!